Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ORANGE you glad...

When Dave and I got back from tour this summer we immediately started house hunting, as we had gotten off the plane quite literally homeless. Our things were in storage on Oregon Avenue, Pippi and Ella were in Mass with Dave's parents. The only thing we had between us was Dave's luggage (the airline had lost mine in Italy.)

From the airport we took a train out to the suburbs to move into our friend Christmas' spare room temporarily while we looked for new digs in the city. House hunting in Philly has always taken me a maximum of 4 days. Always, except this time.

Dave and I looked at place after place and each was worse than the last. One was carpeted (bad enough in itself) in 3 different colors and degrees of shag, another had bedrooms so small we wouldn't have been able fit beds inside of them, and one place was windowless ("But heat's included! I'd be willing to cme down on the price!") After 2 weeks of living with Christmas (her roommate, and an indie duo from NY) and feeling really terrible about it, we miraculously found the house we live in now.

You will find I'll be writing a lot about this place because it is currently under foreclosure and we are renters, our landlord is a psychopath, and I think this house used to be where he brought people to seduce them. (I think this because they stop by occasionally late in the night.) But our house, foreclosed or not, is a fucking South Philadelphian palace. 2 bathrooms- 1 with a jacuzzi tub (that I more or less live in), a GIANT kitchen/dining room with absurd amounts of storage, a washer and dryer (in the basement, not the kitchen like my last place!), it's EVEN a  got a dish washer. The only downside we saw (other than the entire interior of the house being beige-washed) when we first checked it out, were the 14 atrocious Italian-restaurant-circa-1986 mirrors glued to the living room walls. Here is a photo I snapped during the viewing:

(the furniture is our landlord's)

Come November Dave FINALLY figured out how to remove the mirrors and the transformation of our living room began. His evening of chiseling revealed moldy, damaged walls. Ew. And ugh. But after some spackling, sanding, cleaning, and debating with the roommate about what exactly constitutes "fall orange" (since we seemed to have differing ideas on it), I painted 3 of the 4 walls. Despite being unfinished, it still looked pretty sweet...

(Dave, Pippi, Ella, and I in the living room. This photo is by Julio- check his blog with lots of cool photos HERE)

Months later, the 4th wall remained. I hadn't painted it along with the others because it's 2 stories tall, I'm short and ladderless, and it looked like SO MUCH WORK. But today I woke up with the urge to do some mindless painting. And with Dave's help, it was so much easier than I had expected. He suggested that I not paint the ENTIRE wall, but draw a line following the ceiling of the first floor and only paint below it. Since it was his idea he drew the line, then I got to painting...

Here's the wall just seconds before I painted it:

Part way through the first coat:

And finished 2 hours later!

Feeling very accomplished after that (and being totally sucked into the audio version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), I decided to take my painting up to my room. I've been wanting cacti for a little shelf in my room for weeks, maybe months, but I never have the extra money. I decided that poverty wouldn't keep me from my cacti any longer, and I made some out of an old cardboard box I found in the basement.

And now it's off to dream of spells and dragons.


  1. Living like a punk kid is overrated! Glad to see you have a house. If it gets foreclosed, you should buy that ish.
    Those cardboard cacti are adorable, AND a lot less likely to make you bleed when you try to slap your alarm clock into submission in an early-morning daze.
    Lastly, Harry Potter audiobooks are great, especially before bed. Definitely inspires some awesome dreams, and makes life feel a bit more magicla.

  2. i love the cacti you made! so beautiful!

    who in their right mind would put all of those mirrors up???

    anyway, kudos on the house - i like what i see!

  3. Simon- Haha overrated in some, not in others. That's what my family keeps saying too, but what am I gonna buy it with? The only thing I have a lot of is cat hair. "I'd like to put this offer on the table. 10 pounds of dust bunnies and grey tabby cat hair in exchange for this house."

    Liz- I KNOW! I think it was my landlord's attempt to be "classy"