Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Soviet seconds

"Hello thar. What ahre you selling? Lang-u-age learningk softwaar? Ok. Do you have Russian? Yea? Do you speak Russian? Yes, I speak. I am from south Of Russia. Place called "Georgia." You learningk to speak Polish? I can teach you many, many bad words in Polish. Do you half int-er-net? No? Oh. Too bad. I vant to show. If you are to search me many, many pages will come up, you can read my crim-in-al reckord and see many, many photos of my Russian prison tattoos. I was in Russian prison for years. I have many tattoos, all ovar my bod-hey. I can show. No? Do you have boyfriend? Oh. Do you want seckont boyfriend? I could be be. No? Ok byebye."


  1. Hey!

    I didn´t know any other way to inform you but I've sent you a message via myspace to your Kingdom-account!


  2. I'll bet he has an ACTIVE Angelfire page.