Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ella and the sheet cleaning

The people have spoken. Here's more Ella:

I've been listening to lot of Billy Club Sandwich lately. I always liked them, but a few years ago I saw them at cbgb's and fell in love. People can talk all day about what hardcore bands are "smart" and which are "ignorant" but I find that hardcore in general is pretty dumb, the main difference is that some bands/people are more pretentious than others. That said, I'll take something real but simple over something contrived with a facade of intelligence any day.

In other news, this blew my mind. I mean robberies are the norm here, but LEAVING YOUR CHILD AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME? Come onnnnn.

South St. jewelry heist


  1. wow, your cat is really adorable, especially because she has these really sweet black eyes and when she lays back, she's like a big fluffy oval. oh and she crosses her legs.

  2. does that dude own any other shirt? i've never seen him in anything else. at least its fitting. i find it "fascinating" ;)

  3. BCS is the shit!

    Martin is a sweetheart.

    yesterday I downloaded their live set @WNYU -dopeness