Friday, March 12, 2010

"our breast and brightest"

Yeah uh I'm looking for'a language. You have uh... Czech? No? Ok. Italian? Yeah? Cool. See, Imma marine, and like, I need to really know who I'm dealing with, you know? So like, do you have Islamic? (Uh, that's a religion, not a language.) Pshh, ok then, do you have "MUSLIM"? (Muslims are the people who follow the Islamic faith. Muslims speak a wide variety of languages as it's one of the world's major religions and its followers live in every country, so why don't you just name a country and I'll tell you what's most commonly spoken there.) A country? Uhhhhhhhh.... (Here, take this list of our offered languages and see if we have one that suits your fancy.) Yeah! There it is, ARABIC. You know they speak that all over the middle east and India. (Actually Hindi is what's spoken in India.) Nuh uh. The arabs live in India, and they speak Arabic. (But Hindi is the official language of India.) YEAH BUT THEY SPEAK ARABIC. (Ok.) So uh... your tattoo is like freakin me out.

(curtain drop)


  1. Should've warped their brain with the fact that there's Arabic AND Farsi.