Thursday, May 27, 2010

Postcards from Bali

So my friend Neal is a vegan chef. Long ago in a far away place he organized for Food Not Bombs, I organized for the Animal Defense League, and we met when our groups got together for National Meat-out Day. Somewhere between homemade veggie burgers and getting banned for life from a particular McDonald's, a friendship was born.

The first time I hung out with Neal he cooked for me- vegetables and olive oil on pasta. I was a ramen noodle and toast vegan at the time so this totally blew my mind. Garlic came in non-powdered form? Neal eventually taught me how to cook (thank god), but he also taught me to appreciate the art of food, which is something I'll be eternally grateful for, and something he has become quite good at. So good in fact that he just left his restaurant in NYC (Pure Food and Wine) to help open a restaurant in Bali.

See it?

So that's where he is now. Bali, Indonesia. He got there last week. And he's blogging about his stay- what he sees, and eats, and thinks. So far it's a great read, so if you've got the time check out...

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