Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cat in the city

Yeah yeah yeah, I'm a cat lady. I didn't mean to be this person. I mean I'm not this person. I mean I'm not the person I seem. I mean... let me explain. I am a cat lady but I don't squeal things like "aw wook at pwetty wittle kitty!", I don't refer to myself as any animal's "Mommy", I don't have a shelf of cat-inspired chotchkies. I'm not a crazy cat lady, just a lady with two cats.

The confusion comes (where you might think I'm that kind of cat lady) in the promise I made when Pippi and Ella joined my household. I swore that I'd give them great lives, and one day it occurred to me that they may not think being indoors all day was great. Since I obviously wasn't going to let them run willy nilly around South Philly, I bought a cat leash. Ella wanted nothing to do with it at all, but Pippi (after adjusting to having the harness on) was all for it, so we hit the streets and cafes of Philadelphia together. Who am I to deny my friend a walk to the park?

Anyway, here's a couple pics from our most recent walk where Pippi met some dogs, cowered in fear from a bird, and tried to eat my chocolate cake at a cafe.


  1. ummmm... most amazing thing ever! i've been trying to get my cat to walk on a leash and it's not going so well. at first he seemed to tolerate it slightly but now... not so much. she really went to a cafe with you ??

  2. if i tried to put a leash on my cat, he would shred the shit out of me.