Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spice Trance

I've not posted in here much as of late. This is why:

And this is Dorian, my Dune mentor, lending me book #4 last night:

... and I'm off.


  1. Dune rules. The spice must flow.

  2. something ive never read up to now. might have to sometime.

  3. 40 pages into God Emperor of Dune now... pretty dense compared to the others.

    Baldwin- You really should! So excellent. Very few books have taken over my life like these have (and not to sound like an asshole but I do read a fair amount of books so this is really saying something. I dream Dune almost nightly!)

    I checked out your blog, and glad I did! Definitely some treasures in there. Thanks for pointing me your way! :)