Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Before I get into this, here is the facebook invite that explains it all and that I would love for you to RSVP to so that I know how many people are doing this:


The deal: On Wednesday, July 27th I will be turning 29. There's only one thing I'd like for my birthday and I'm asking all of you for it: Go vegan for 29 days (yes, that's 1 day for every year I've been alive. IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!) If you decide to stick with it, spectacular! You'll notice few downsides of better health paired with the lessened suffering of animals and pollution of the earth. If you don't it's ok you've still given me a wonderful gift, tried something new, and spared 15 animal's lives. 

If 20 people do this, 300 animals will be spared.
If 50 people do this, 750 animals will be spared.
If 75 people do this, 1,125 animals will be spared.

That is awesome! That is the best gift ever. If you did this for me, it'd really mean a lot! Go RSVP! Tell your friends! Please help make my birthday the best ever!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Dave and I dreamed this up together, then made it a reality. If you'd like to order one, CLICK HERE.