Sunday, February 12, 2012


Feeling out of shape and barely able to make it through our set on our summer tour, I decided in Sept '11 to get serious about getting fit. I had the perfect deadline- our European tour at the end of January '12. Before our flight left JFK how much could I increase my endurance? How much fat could I replace with muscle? Well, as I write this I'm on tour. I took my after photos 4 days later than planned (...punk time), after working out in a Swedish community center, which we all went to after playing a show. 

I started at around 115 pounds and a size 5 pants.
I ended at around 115 pounds and a size 1 pants.

(This is why I've never cared about weighing myself, at least for me it's totally irrelevant.) I didn't change my diet at all because I fucking love eating. I will say that there was definitely an unintentional increase of apple eating (been on an apple kick) and decrease of Nerds eating (I usually eat a few boxes a week, I more or less cut them out... mostly because I was just really feeling apples more.) I ate fried food just about every day. My dinners were often late at night (I work late.) I worked out 4-6 days a week, save for the week of Christmas and the week before tour. 

Other than my usual somewhat healthy +daily fried tofu vegan diet, my road to success was paved with these 3 things: (aerobic) kickboxing, pilates, and Insanity Fitness (which I liked because it's a super high-intensity 60 day program with a printable calender that helped me stay on track.) 

This challenge's goal was not to change the way I look, but how I feel. And it worked. I'm blasting through sets, have way more energy throughout the day, I'm wayyyy less stressed out, and without getting into too much detail... sex has been bangin'. I have now become some sort of fitness thumper, spreading the good word of Shaun T (of Insanity) to my friends and anyone who will listen. Now that the challenge is over the urgency of my workouts has definitely calmed down but my love for it hasn't waned at all.  Every night before we play I get down to it- push ups, jump squats, pilates, usually on filthy venue floors. I've learned that to work out on tour I have to be fearless with dirt and shameless with where I do it, but it's worth it. Last night in Vienna, Austria I broke a personal record- 50 push ups! A few months ago I could barely do 3! Anyway... enough talk. Ladies and gents, friends and foes, lurkers and weirdos, let us now take a walk from down the path of my fitness journey.

Here I am making ramen on tour (after swimming) in July '11- 115 pounds, size 5 pants.
Here I am on December 3rd, '11 feeling preeeettty fucking good- 115 pounds, size 3 pants. 
Yeah yeah, I'm sweaty and beat here (just played a show AND worked out for an hour) buuuuut...
Feb 2nd, '12 - 115 pounds, size 1 pants

MIDDLE- side

END- side 
(I just rolled with the whole lame fitness photo thing- there's no not embarrassing way to do this)

MIDDLE- back

END- back


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  1. you look like your readyto beat the fuck out of somebody =)